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             Schedule for Judging Day, Thursday April 5

Judging takes place in the Gym at the J. M. Porter Athletic Complex, Sheridan College, Trafalgar Campus, Oakville.
Click here to find out where to go.

8:00 Meeting of Category chairs and judge in chief.
8:30 General welcome and introduction.
8:45 Category meetings with all judges and category chair persons.
9:00 Begin preliminary judging without students present.
11:30 Meeting with category chair person, discussion of preliminary judging; report findings to judge in chief.
11:45 Start of Judges' luncheon.
1:00 Begin judging with students present; recommended judging interview time is 10 -15 minutes per project.
3:30 Tally of scores; report to Category chair persons.
4:15 Judge in chief, category chair and awards committee meeting.
5:00 Light dinner served for category chairs and awards committee.

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