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        YSF Canada

1962 -

YSF Canada began in 1962 as the Canadian Council for Science Fairs, created by an association of national professional, scientific and technical societies.

1966 -

The Canadian Council for Science Fairs was replaced by the
Youth Science Foundation.

1993 -

The Youth Science Foundation was renamed as YSF Canada, with an expanded mission, vision and objectives.

Vision -

To be the national organization for leadership in extra-curricular science and technology education.

Mission -

To stimulate an interest in science and technology among young Canadians.

Objectives -

To encourage young Canadians to pursue career interests in science and technology, and to increase science literacy.

Activities -

- Producing the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF), our national science fair, and the designation of affiliated Regional Science Fairs (like us), and the regions we represent.
- "Team Canada", international exchanges for science fair winners (USA, England, Sweden, Israel).
- Pilot projects in National Science Olympics, Sci-Tech Clubs and Young Scientists of Canada.

For More Information -

Visit YSF Canada.
Visit the Canada-Wide Science Fair 2001 web site.

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