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        HWHSEF Organization

The HWHSEF is put together each year by a very active group of 30 to 40 volunteers from local businesses, schools and regional government. This group of Organizers begins preparing for a Science Fair 18 to 24 months ahead of the date of the Fair, in order to reserve a site for the fair.

More detailed work begins during the summer preceding the fair, when various members of the group agree to head up each of the sub-committees that is responsible for planning and carrying out some aspect of the Fair. These include such things as preparing the site to accommodate all the projects, finding and training up to 150 Judges to judge the projects, choosing and organizing the activities that form part of the Student Activities Day, and finding sponsors to provide the funding, awards, and other services that are required as part of our Fair each year.

In the fall, preparing the updates to the web pages, writing a newsletter, communicating with schools and teachers, and visiting prospective donors occupies a lot of time. Our affiliations with both the national (YSF Canada) and international (Science Service Inc.) science fair organizations are renewed. Our student activities are selected. A location and other arrangements for the Awards Ceremony are established. Early in the new year, the judging process is checked, and judges are confirmed. The Registration process is put in place and tested, and Award lists are prepared.

Project Registration begins in early February. Once complete, all the registered projects are confirmed, and the final details required for site layout, judging and student activities are completed. The Fair Program document is completed, and sent to the printers. Fair Week is the high point of all this preparation, and keeps the Organizing Committee going full speed every day (and well into each night!) The week ends with the selection and recognition of our many Award Winners at the Awards Ceremony, but the work is not yet over for the Organizers!

The Trip Award winners will spend time over the next 4 weeks working with their volunteer Chaperones and Delegates, looking after the details of registering and preparing their projects and themselves for the national and international competitions. Other volunteers will be handling the many details of wrapping up our Regional Fair, from sending out thank-yous, to paying bills, to running our "lessons learned" session, in preparation for the next year's fair!

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