Activity Morning - (Formerly "Activity Day")

“Activity Day” 2009 will be held at Mohawk College on the morning of “Judging Day” for the 2009 Fair.

Student Activity Day events are proudly sponsored by Bell Canada.

This year the main auditorium (McIntyre Theatre) of Mohawk college will be used for the activity day presentations. Since the auditorium seats 680 in the lower area and 350 in the balcony (1039 maximum seating), there will be room this year for students, teachers, parents and a limited amount of classes to attend the “Activity Day” presentations. Note: Due to overwhelming response all spots for additional students have been booked. Please check back next year for Activity Morning 2010.
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Special Notes for Activity Morning:
1. There will be no food or drink in the auditorium.
2. Student "guests" are restricted to parents - younger siblings are allowed only if accompanied by a parent.
3. Classes attending Activity Morning must be accompanied by a teacher. This should be treated as a school trip - 9 am to Noon.
4. Mohawk College does not have the capacity in the cafeteria to handle the additional number of students from classes attending Activity Morning. Classes must exit the college after the Activity Morning presentations.
5. Classes will not be allowed into the gym to see the BASEF projects. (Public viewing of projects will be Saturday Morning 9 am to Noon. All are welcome to come.)
6. BASEF project students are expected to bring their own lunch as lunch is not provided. (BASEF students will be escorted from the auditorum to the cafeteria for lunch, prior to being escorted to the gym for the afternoon judging session.)

Student drop off will be at Fennell entrance P13 (IT Centre entrance driveway). Parking Lots P10 and P13 will have free parking available. Students are to proceed directly to the auditorium once they are dropped off to minimize disruption to the college. Buses for classes are expected to use the student drop off location. Classes are to proceed directly (with teacher escort) to the auditorium once they are dropped off to minimize disruption to the college.

Build a Windmill Session

There will be a special breakaway session this year for up to 40 students. This will be a morning session where ten groups of students will complete to build a working model windmill from provided “kits” of material. The windmill which produces the greatest “power” when tested will win a certificate and a cooler bag prize for each student in the group. Students who choose the breakaway session (which will run the whole morning of “Activity Day”) will not be able to see the presentations in the main auditorium. These students will return to the auditorium prior to lunch.


All BASEF project students will be escorted from the auditorium to the cafeteria for lunch prior to project interviews in the afternoon, located in the main gymnasium.

Activity Day Schedule

  • 8:30 – 9:00 am Student Drop Off – Proceed to Main Auditorium

Main Auditorium

  • 9:00 – 10:00 am McMaster Engineering Fireball Show
  • 10:00 – 10:30 am McMaster Fireball 101 – Question and Answer Period
  • 10:30 – 11:00 am Niagara Windpower – Local Alternative Energy Applications
  • 11:00 – 11:45 am COOl- CHe-m CaBaReT – McMaster Chemistry
  • 11:45 am – Noon Science Fair SuperStar - Ben Gulak

Mohawk Classroom - TBA

  • 9:00 – Noon Build a Working Windmill Contest (Special Signup – Limited to 40 Students)
  • Noon – 12:45 pm Lunch – you may eat your own packed lunch

McMaster Fireball Show - Biography

The Fireball Show is an educational and entertaining travelling show utilizing both science demonstrations and multimedia to increase students' awareness of and interest in engineering programs, careers, and related futures. The one-hour show highlights the wonder and relevance of engineering and applied science, as well as outlining how a future in the applied sciences is of benefit to society as a whole. The Fireball Show is presented to schools (mainly high schools, but some elementary schools as well) around Ontario. The second major theme throughout the show is related to skills, strengths, and abilities that future scientists and engineers will need to possess. The show emphasizes that these skills, strengths, and abilities will be valuable in any career.

Niagara Windpower - Biography

McMaster Chemistry - COOl- CHe-m CaBaReT - Biography

The world of atoms and molecules moves very fast. We experience this motion as chemical reactions or physical processes. This show highlights the dance of the atoms with explosions - we make water from a hovering balloon, colors - we see metal atoms in flames, and electricity - we drive a chemical reaction backwards with an electric current. Even if we slow the dance to -200 degrees Celsius, interesting things can happen.

Professor Randy Dumont has taught first year chemistry for many years. Though his research is in the area of theory of molecular dynamics, and involves only numerical experiments in the cpu of a computer, he enjoys being reminded that chemistry deals with the real world of stuff around us when he does wet chemistry demonstrations for students of all ages.

This information is also available in the attached PDF file below.

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