About Volunteering

Volunteering is the most fundamental act of citizenship and philanthropy in our society. It is offering time, energy, and skills of one’s own free will. It is an extension of being a good neighbour, as people become involved in the nurturing of others.

Volunteers will gain skills, self esteem and knowledge that may change their lives.

The student participants of BASEF will be the beneficiaries of the volunteers’ participation and interaction. The positive and respectful interactions provided by the volunteer may directly influence the future scientific activity and career choices of the student.

Volunteering with BASEF will increase the capacity of the organization to accomplish their goals. BASEF is a non- profit organization run totally by volunteers.

Each volunteer is welcomed and treated as a valuable and integral member of the BASEF team.

Volunteers’ Orientation

The volunteers’ orientation is an informative evening with the Volunteer Coordinator and some of the other Committee members. All volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend. This is a chance for volunteers to meet each other, learn about BASEF, their responsibility as a volunteer and discuss any concerns they might have before the fair.

Some topics to be discussed are safety measures, emergency to-do and expectations.

Registering as a Volunteer

The organizing committee needs the assistance volunteers during the fair and throughout the year. Tasks people help with include:

  1. chaperoning students on the activity day
  2. set up, project safety check, security
  3. graphic design for t-shirts, posters, newsletters and the Web

If you would like to volunteer or to find out more about how you could help, please fill out the volunteer application form; a member of the organizing committee will be in touch with you.

Registering as a Judge

If you would like to judge or find out more about becoming a judge, please refer to the Judges section of this web site.