Registering as a Merit-Award Judge

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We have completed recruiting of judges for BASEF 2009 at this time. Thank you for your interest.
To register your interest in merit-award judging at a future BASEF, and be added to the judges email list, please fill in all of the required fields in the form below and then click the "Submit" button at the end of the form.

Are you a special-awards judge? If so, you needn't fill out this form. Judges who will be evaluating projects for one or more Special Awards donated by a sponsor should already have been contacted by Cathy Hamilton; you can reach the Special Awards committee at

When you complete this form and click the "Submit" button at the end, a copy of your information will be sent to the BASEF Judge-in-Chief by email, and to your own email address, immediately. Receipt of your information and acceptance as a Merit Judge will be acknowledged within a few days, by sending you a second email with more detailed information from the Judge in Chief. If you do NOT receive BOTH of these emails within a few days, please email the Judge in Chief.

In order to better assign judges to projects, we ask for information on your Post-Secondary education, and details regarding your judging preferences. The Sub-Division groupings are based on the types of projects we typically see. We will try to assign you to your preferred or alternate Division and Sub-Division, but this is dependent upon the mix of judges and projects we have to work with. If we cannot assign you to your selections, then we will try for the next best Sub-Division or Division consistent with your preferences. In keeping with the increasing importance of personal privacy issues, we also ask you to confirm on your submission that you understand and agree to the uses of the information you are providing to us, as outlined in the BASEF Privacy Policy.