Division Description - Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Physical Science projects study the relationship of factors in fields such as physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, oceanography, mathematics and meteorology.
Some projects entered as physical science may be more accurately entered as engineering. For example, experimenting to find "Which Materials Absorb Oil Best?" is only physical science, although there is an implied application in the work, such that it is almost "Which Materials Can Absorb Oil From an Oil Spill?". Determining the exhibitors intent should help clarify. Comparison testing of products, as it is descriptive, would be included.
Mathematical science projects seek to demonstrate applications of mathematics (i.e. the search for a mathematical model) or to solve a theoretical problem. For example, in attempting to predict the shape of cacti, the use of mathematics would be central to the project. . The problem provides a context for the exploration of pattern and the search for a mathematical model. Some areas of investigation in this category include algorithms, operational research (applications of mathematical and computing science to solve planning or operational problems), and statistics.