Division Description - Engineering and Computing Sciences

Engineering and Computing Sciences

Engineering projects investigate the utility of innovations and inventions.
Although a complete engineering project will include an outline of the need, the development of the innovation and some work on introducing the innovation to the community, many projects focus on just the development phase.
Engineering projects can focus on a new process, or a new product. A study of Bernoulli's principle would be Physical Science, while the application of such a principle to aerodynamics and wing design, would be Engineering.
Computing science projects are applied science and technology projects that concentrate primarily on the development of computer equipment or programs. They focus on computers, their languages, their software, databases and their function. Projects using computers to store and handle data are normally entered in the division suggested by the nature of the data. However, if the project is more focused on technique using the computer to accomplish this task and the data are of secondary significance, the project should be entered in this division.