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Project A02 - Affecting Aging: Protection of cSOD-deficient Drosophila from Oxidative Stress

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Aaron Hakim,
Appleby College (Independent)


Intermediate (grades 9-10)


Life Sciences (non-human)


During their life, multicellular organisms are challenged with the deleterious and cumulative effects of oxidative stress. This biological stress is generated by several reactive oxygen species (ROS), and has been implicated in the aging process, and in the pathogenesis of such disease states as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Superoxide dismutase deficent Drosophila (cSOD-null Drosophila) are mutant fruit flies that have an intrinsic, toxic level of oxidative stress. They are a model organism to study aging. The purpose of this project is to determine whether caloric restriction and/or specific concentrations of antioxidant supplementation (using Thymoquinone and Vitamin E) will rescue superoxide mediated developmental defects in the cSOD-null Drosophila. Eclosion lethality assays and larvae viability assays were used to measure the effects after treatment.