Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair 2005

Sponsored by the Ontario Trillium Foundation
March 30th to April 2nd — Sheridan — Oakville, Ontario

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Activity Day

Sponsored by Bell Canada




8:30 a.m.
Students must arrive by 8:30 a.m. at the "SCAET" building, Sheridan College

3:00 p.m.
Students return to the "SCAET" building, Sheridan College

A detailed package with instructions for the day, maps and driving directions will be given to each student at on-site registration.


Morning Activity

Two films at the IMAX Cinesphere

Film #1: Amazon

The Amazon is the mightiest river in the world, the lifeblood for whole civilizations and home to more than 5,000 different species of fish and more than 60,000 different species of plants that live on its banks. This film takes the audience on a journey of discovery of the river's wonders, inhabitants and remarkable healing powers.

Film #2: Ring of Fire

This film is about the immense natural force of the circle of volcanoes and seismic activity that rings the Pacific Ocean. Students learn about the geological forces that shape volcanoes and earthquakes and discover how people and cultures of this area co-exist with these towering infernos.

Afternoon Activity

Mad Science Lab

Up, Up & Away - Hot air balloons, fireballs from candles,
the Mad Science floating hovercraft…