Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair 2004

Sponsored by the Ontario Trillium Foundation
BASEF is a registered charity and relies entirely on volunteers and sponsors.

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Resources for Teachers

WuchowThan, Chair of the BASEF Outreach Committee

There are few projects that come to BASEF without the guidance, support and encouragement of teachers, and many of our projects first competed in science fairs run by teachers at the school and board level. Whether you are helping students working on their own or making a science project part of the curiculum, we want to help you to help them to make the most of this experience.

2004 BASEF Teachers Handbook - Request for Comments

BASEF is developing program resource material for use by teachers.   The material includes:

  1. A Student Workbook
  2. A Teacher's Guide Book including the use of project based science and science projects in curriculum delivery and how to organize and run a classroom or school science fair
  3. A supporting PowerPoint presentation

If you would be interested in "testing" a draft version of these resources and providing comment to BASEF, please contact us at

BASEF Teachers Handbook

The 2004 handbook is still in production, but the 2003 edition is largely relevant.

Special Notes

BASEF Outreach

The BASEF Outreach program provides schools, teachers, and students with assistance/ideas to produce good science fair projects. Help is also available to assist in the planning of a class or an in school science fair. The Outeach chair will be available to visit individual schools to meet with students and/or teachers to assist them with project ideas and address the "nuts" & "bolts" of a good science fair project. Workshops on Science Fair projects are also available.

In the year 2002-2003, over 40 such site visits were made, and we hope to continue this program as long as there is a need.

For addtional information, please contact the BASEF Outreach Chair.

Other Resources