Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair 2004

Sponsored by the Ontario Trillium Foundation
BASEF is a registered charity and relies entirely on volunteers and sponsors.

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Project Registration

The on-line project registration form will be available between noon on Monday, February 9th and noon on Friday, March 5th.

"On-line registration", is perhaps misleading. There are in fact several stages to the registration process, one of which is to fill out our on-line form (between Mon., Feb. 9 and Fri., Mar. 5). We suggest that you review the eight steps outlined below as soon as you can so that you understand what's required well in advance of the actual on-line registration period.

Please note:


Step 1 - Print and complete draft of registration form

Print and fill out a rough copy of the registration form. Use of this draft form will help you make sure that you have all of the information that you need for the official entry form. Once you have completed the form, have your teacher or sponsor review it before filling out the on-line version (step 3). Please check for spelling, grammar and capitalization-- the information that you submit will be in the Awards Program, in judges material, on your name tag and on the Web exactly as we receive it.

Click here to download the draft registration form


Step 2 - Print and complete required scientific review forms

The relevant scientific-review forms must be filled out and submitted before the end of the registration period. Links to the forms (which are in Adobe Acrobat format) are found on the Project Rules & Regulations page.

Junior projects use the YSF forms; this flowchart will help you determine which forms are required for your project.

Intermediate and senior projects use the IISEF forms; this flowchart will help you determine which forms are required for your project.

Signed and completed forms should be mailed in together with signed approval forms. See step 6 below.


Step 3 -Complete official on-line registration

Once you have the draft copy of the form filled out and reviewed (see step 1), you're ready to fill out the official registration on-line.  When done, please make note of your registration id and password; you will need it for step 4.

Note that only one registration form is to be filled out for each project (not one per student).

The on-line registration form will be available from Mon., Feb. 9 to Fri., Mar. 5.


Step 4 - Print record of registration

Each student and the teacher/sponsor should have a printed copy of the Record of Registration .  Enter your registration id and password below, then click File, Print. The printout will be your record of the information which you entered; you do not need to send it to BASEF.

Registration Id
Registration Password

  Did you see any mistakes on your registration form?  Do you want to make changes?  See step 9 below.


Step 5 - Print and complete approval form

It is imperative that each student gets his/her parents/guardian and school-sponsor signature on the entry form. Print out one copy for each student, have it signed and then return it via mail (see step 6 below).

Click here to download the approval form


Step 6 - Return signed scientific-review and permission forms by mail

Mail all of your signed forms (i.e. applicable scientific-review forms from step 2 and your approval form from step 5, but not the record of registration printed in step 4) to:

PO BOX  66506

Click here to download mailing label and instructions.

The envelope must be postmarked no later than Friday, March 5th.

Step 7 - Print your to-do checklist

Here, as a final reminder of what needs to be done for a complete registration, is a to-do list for your project registration; click here to display this list on a separate page and click File, Print to print it out (one copy per student).

To Do . . .

  Print and complete the BASEF 2004 draft registration form (step 1)
  Complete all required Scientific Review Forms (YSF or IISEF, depending on your grade)(step 3)
  Complete the Official BASEF 2004 Registration form on-line (step 3)
  Mail the signed Parent / Guardian & School Sponsor Approval form (step 5) and the applicable Scientific-Review forms (step 2). The envelope must be post marked no later than Friday, March 5th.
  Bring your completed Safety Check List (step 8) with you to the fair, and keep it with your project.
  Keep your Record of Registration (step 4), and give your school contact a copy.
  Bring your printed Record of Registration (step 4) to the on-site Registration Desk upon arrival at the fair to setup your project on Wednesday, March 31st (after 4PM).
NB You can view or edit your project registration at any time during the registration period (12 pm on Monday February 9th to 12 pm on Friday March 5th).   See step 9 below.


Step 8 - Print and complete safety checklist

You will need to complete the Safety Checklist, bring it to the fair, and keep it with your project.

Click here to download the Safety Checklist


Step 9 - Optional: make changes/corrections to registration form

In order to make changes you will need your Registration Id and Password (printed on your Record of Registration) handy.  Note that the date you are considered to have registered will be changed each time you modify your registration; this may affect your choice of activities (priority for some activities may be assigned by registration date).

  After you have made any changes, be sure to print out a new Record of Registration (step 4).

Available only during registration period (Mon., Feb. 9 to Fri., Mar. 5).


Confirmation of Acceptance

You will receive a copy of your registration information via email if you include your address on the registration form. This does not count as your confirmation of acceptance to the fair; it simply confirms for you that your information has been received.

You will receive your final confirmation of acceptance through your school during the week of March 17th.