Your project is what the fair is all about: the ideas, the tinkering, trials, errors, successes, and finally the display that brings it all together. This section of the BASEF site will help you from conception and planning, to execution and registration, to display and judging.

Don't neglect to read the rules and regulations; they don't make for a very exciting read, but they're very important: the rules are there to make sure that the fair is safe and fair. And breaking the rules could mean having to get rid of part of your display, or even having your project disqualified.

Project Resources

Wondering were to begin? Have an idea and are not sure where to go with it? Look at our Project Resources page for links to sites which will get you thinking, get you started, give you information about research methods, and provides hints and tips on project presentation.


On-line registration will take place from Wednesday, February 12th to Monday, March 10th. For an overview of the registration process, see the Registration page.

Levels and Divisions

Students compete in three levels:

Projects are assigned to one of the following divisions.

For details, see the Levels & Divisions page.