Hamilton-Wentworth and Halton Science and Engineering Fair 2001

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        General Project Rules

* Students enrolled in any class from grades 7 through OAC in any school in the regions of Hamilton Wentworth or Halton may register. Each elementary school is restricted to 8 entries, and each high school is restricted to 16 entries per level at which it is eligible to participate.

* All entries are subject to the rules and requirements of the Hamilton-Wentworth and Halton Science and Engineering Fair (HWHSEF).

* Group projects are limited to 2 students.

* Encourage your students to enter early.  Places are limited and entries may have to be returned.

* All release forms must be signed by a parent or guardian and a teacher or principal.

* A project summary must be completed on the entry form. Also, a copy of the project summary must be included as the first page in the student notebook.

* The student notebook should be a log or diary of all steps in completing the project.

* All entries MUST meet safety requirements.

* Click here to view the full Safety Check List.

* Students MUST be present for judging.   Exceptional circumstances MUST be discussed prior to registration with the Judge-in-Chief.  Refer to the Sample Judging Sheet.

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