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  1. Print this list and keep on hand as you complete your registration request.
  2. Acquire all of the information you need to register before starting your entry. Including:
    - your contact information (address, phone number, grade, age, and email address)
    - your partner's contact information (you are registering your Project - each project only requires ONE submission, even if there are 2 partners)
    - your school, teacher contact, and school's phone number, FAX number, and your teacher's email address
    - your project's category, title, and abstract

  3. Complete the On-Line Registration form during the registration period - Opens Noon on February 16, 2000 and closes at Noon March 11, 2000. Be sure to register early - late registrations will not be accepted under any circumstances.
    1. Enter your project, teacher and team-member information into the entry form.
    2. Please check your information before submission. Check for spelling and grammatical errors - the information that you submit will be published in the project directory as is. (double check that your name and project title are correct!)
    3. Once your registration form has been completed, checked, and submitted, print the RECORD OF REGISTRATION(S) twice (one for you, and one for your teacher).

    Click here to complete the On-Line Registration form. This will open the Registration form in a new browser window.

  4. Print the PARENT/GUARDIAN RELEASE FORM and have your parent/guardian complete it.
  5. Click here to complete the Parent/Guardian Release form. This will open the Registration form in a new browser window.

  6. Print the SAFETY CHECK LIST complete it, and keep it with your project. Bring it to the fair with you.
  7. Click here to complete the Safety Check List. This will open the Registration form in a new browser window.

  8. For Intermediate and Senior Students ONLY (grades 9-OAC). According to the guidelines of the HWHSEF and its affiliated fairs (CWSF and ISEF), all intermediate and senior individuals must complete ISEF SCIENTIFIC REVIEW FORMS to be considered eligible for prizes beyond the HWHSEF. Forms MUST be completed prior to presenting research or projects at the 2000 HWHSEF event. If research has commenced without forms being completed, they must be signed with the date of initiation by the supervisor along with ANY other documentation obtained at the time of research.
    Please review the flow sheet to determine which additional forms are required. For complete rules, guidelines and definitions go to Click on Rules and guidelines. If you have questions, please contact the science fair by email or telephone for assistance in completion of forms. The forms can be obtained as follows:

    Forms required for ALL participants (Forms 1, 1A, 1B) (42kb)

    Registered Research Institutional/Industrial Setting Form (1C) (21 kb)

    Qualified Scientist Form (2) (25 kb)

    Designated Supervisor Form (3) (17 kb)

    Human Subjects Form (4A) (30 kb)

    Informed Consent Form*(4B) (23 kb)

    Nonhuman Vertebrate Animal Form (5) (42 kb)

    Human and Animal Tissue Form (6) (21 kb)

  9. Fax the completed Parent/Guardian Release form and the ISEF forms (for grade 9 to OAC students) A.S.A.P. to the HWHSEF at 905-577-9099 *** Attention: HWHSEF Registration*** (please fax all forms together as early as possible and within the registration period).
  10. Bring the completed SAFETY CHECK LIST with you to the Fair and keep it with your Project.
  11. Keep your RECORD OF REGISTRATION, and give your contact teacher a copy.
  12. You can view or edit your project registration at any time during the registration period. Have your registration number and password (printed on your record of registration) handy, and click here continue.

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