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  • Question: How do I know if I'm Registered?
    Answer: You can view or edit your project registration at any time during the registration period. Have your registration number and password (printed on your record of registration) handy, and click here continue.

  • Question: Do I really need to complete the Abstract portion of the Registration?
    Answer: YES!! Your submission will not be successful if this portion of the form is not complete. Secondly, all good projects require an abstract that summarizes your project. An abstract includes a concise summary of your project and follows the scientific method. Included in an abstract is your problem, your hypothesis, your results and your conclusions - it is a brief outline of your science fair project from start to finish. Refer to our Sample Abstract on-line for more details and discuss with your science teacher.

  • Question: What if I can't register on-line?
    Answer: Fair Registration is completely on-line. There is no alternative for registration - sorry. Talk with your science teacher about your access to the internet at school. Public Libraries and schools are your best resources and will allow you to access the registration on-line.

  • Question: Can I still register after the registration period closes?
    Answer: Absolutely no! Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to register after the registration period closes. Check the dates and make sure to submit early.

  • Question: What if I don't have a fax machine?
    Answer: Ask your science teacher at school if they will fax the form using the fax machine at your school. If this is not available, even under these circumstances, commercial retailers have faxing services available (Business Depot, Mailboxes etc., copy centres, and other retailers have fax services - check your local yellow pages).

  • Question: What is the schedule for the Fair?
    Answer: The Fair schedule, including registration and fair dates as well as a complete listing of events and activities can be viewed here

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